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What You Need To Know When Choosing Window Treatments

You can either make or break a space depending on the window treatment you choose. Wrong window treatment can make a room feel incomplete while the right one can enhance the look of room and compliment your windows. Window treatments are of different styles and types. It becomes overwhelming to identify the right window treatment for your space. This guide offers you tips to help you select window treatments.

The first thing to consider is privacy. Sheer curtains are ideal for the day. Opaque window treatment is meant for rooms that need more privacy like the bathroom and bedroom. Another alternative would be to choose heavier curtain if you don’t like blinds and shades.

Identify window treatments that complement your interior style. Consider the color and style of the room. A simple and plain room will match well with window treatment that has a simple design. Alternatively, you can go for patterned curtains in order to create contrast in a room.

Also, you need to determine the purpose of the room. Every room will need to have specific window treatment. For a dark and noise free room, go for blackout draperies or shades. They have better light control as well as insulation.

The window’s function should be considered. The function will guide you in selection of the right window treatment. Sheer window treatments work best for windows used as natural light source. If you open the window regularly for better air circulation, you need a window covering that is light enough.

It is essential you know about the types of window treatments. Google and check the types and benefits. Being informed will help you to make a good decision. Window treatments generally are of five types; shades, panels, blinds, cornices and shutters. Shades offer light control and added privacy to a room. Cornices offer extra features to window coverings.

Additionally, you need to know the different windows you have. It does not make sense to buy a fancy window covering for a tiny window. If you are not certain on the window treatment to purchase, you can consult and interior designer. Consider shape when choosing window treatments.Different rooms need different shapes. Floor to ceiling draperies add to height and drama of a room.

It is important you consider texture when choosing window treatments. Texture creates a visual appeal. It keeps the room from looking flat by enforcing a design style and adding tactile appeal. If you want a rustic feeling, you need to go for window treatments that are rough and natural. For a contemporary touch, choose glossy and smooth textures. Before you pick a specific window treatment, do window shopping. You have the option of getting customized window treatments for your home. Make comparisons of different designs and patterns for you to make an informed decision.

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